Janus kinases (Jaks), signal transducers and activators of transcription (Stats) form a unique, fast track for signal transduction from cell surface receptors to target genes. Jak-Stat signalling contributes in many ways to the integrity of organisms and disturbance of this signalling avenue causes disease in mammalian organisms, including humans.

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Overall Concepts

Jak-Stat Signalling: from Basics to Disease

The particular strength of the proposed research is to apply the fundamental knowledge about Jak-Stat mechanisms in cellular processes to the next level of complexity. The general objective of the proposed SFB is to jointly investigate how Jaks and Stats regulate immunity to infection, inflammation and cancer. Our unifying aim is to both study the topics individually and the links between them. Our concepts are supported by emerging similarities between features of acute inflammation and cancer progression, and the association of signal transduction that originate form infection and inflammation with tumourigenesis. We will analyse contributions of Jaks and Stats to cell autonomous mechanisms of tumourigenesis and distinguish these from contributions to cancer immuno-surveillance or the establishment of an inflammatory environment promoting cancer growth. Our studies will consider a role for hitherto poorly understood interactions with Jak-Stat partner molecules and they will test potential functions of non-tyrosine-phosphorylated Stats and kinase-inactive Jaks. Furthermore, they will address mechanisms by which Stats regulate their target gene expression.

Our specific objectives are:

  • Linking Jak or Stat modifications to target gene activity and biological functions
  • Defining Jak and Stat functions in shaping cell and organ reactivity in disease
  • Unravelling the Janus-faced character of Jaks and Stats in diseases: preventors and drivers of disease
The research programme is organized in three areas: (i) infection and immunity, (ii) hematopoietic malignancies and tumor immune surveillance and (iii) molecular mechanisms of canonical and non-canonical Jak-Stat action.

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